rstudio using docker on a linux server

I am trying to launch rstudio in a container on a linux server. (I have no problem achieving this locally)

Here are the steps i have taken:

  1. ssh to a server
  2. podman pull rocker/rstudio:4.0.5
  3. podman run -d -p 8787:8787 -e PASSWORD=cheeky rocker/rstudio:4.0.5

I see the image was successfully pulled and the container started up.

  1. I then go to the browser and type "server host name:8787"
  2. The Rstudio login window appears, i enter "rstudio" as user and the password i defined

But i get an "Rstudio Initialization Error- Unable to connect to service"

Unfortunately i have no idea how to trouble shoot this. I have been told by the server admins that no ports are blocked or monitored by a firewall.

I have typed ss -ltnu to look at the ports but unsure what the output is telling me.

Any help in troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

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