RSTUDIO_USER_IDENTITY in Plumber API on Posit Connect using API Key for authentication

Dear community members,
I make requests to a Plumber API which is hosted on Posit Connect using a Posit Connect API Key for authentication. The API returns that the value of Sys.getenv()["RSTUDIO_USER_IDENTITY"] is empty. I would expect to receive a value for RSTUDIO_USER_IDENTITY, because the API Key is linked to a specific user account.

Why is Sys.getenv()["RSTUDIO_USER_IDENTITY"] empty when connecting to a Plumber API hosted on Posit Connect using a Posit Connect API Key?

Does a workaround exist to find out which user account is linked to the API Key that is being used for the API request?

Example Plumber API:


#* @get /exampleapi
information <- function(req, res, session) {

I believe you can get the information you are looking for using this documentation page:

Thank you! Using HTTP_RSTUDIO_CONNECT_CREDENTIALS was indeed the correct solution.

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