RStudio Use High Resource of CPU and RAM

Hello everyone, this morning I just noticed something strange from my RStudio. I just opened RStudio, haven't done anything. Really just open it, there isn't any data in the environment and I didn't save the previous workspace image.

But after I noticed that the CPU and RAM usage was very high, even about 2x the RAM usage compared to Google Chrome which had 10 tabs open and one of them was playing a YouTube video.

Has anyone experienced this too or is it just me?

Here the one with the highest RAM and CPU usage is "R for Windows Terminal front-end", what's that for? When I End the Task in Task Manager, RStudio can still be used.

This happens when I open a Project. When I close the project and the project is "Project: (None)" the "R for Windows Terminal front-end" disappear and usage of CPU and RAM back to normal, RAM less than 500MB and CPU usage ~0%.

Thanks for the report! Would you be willing to file a bug report at Issues · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub?

I'm also curious if this effects other projects as well, or only one particular project.

In my case, this only happened in one project. I've tried opening another project but something like this is only temporary at the beginning when opening the project. After waiting for a while the task "R for Windows Terminal front-end" disappeared.

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