RStudio updates old version

After I installed on macOS, the new R version 4.3.0. I cannot update packages. RStudio shows me all my packages to update, but when I update them, they are installed in the (already installed) older version.

A look into the index page Index of /bin/macosx/big-sur-x86_64 shows that the last update was several days ago. Did I miss something, or is there some update delay for server reasons and I just have to wait until the issue is resolved?

macOS Ventura 13.3.1, using the RStudio CRAN mirror, but I tried it also with Austria, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

I have the same problem on macOS Monterey. Waiting for a solution...

This is probably an R issue rather than RStudio. I have the same issue on an M1 Mac and an Intel Mac, both with Monterey and R 4.3.0. If a binary for latest version of the package is available for R 4.3 then everything is fine. The problem is that it no longer asks if you want to compile from source if the binary is not up to date and just reinstalls the binary. I now watch package version numbers and in those cases either run install.packages("package_name", type = "source") to compile, or just wait for the binary to appear. This was not a problem with the development version of R 4.3.

For example, vroom was updated yesterday from 1.6.1 to 1.6.3. Today there is a arm64 binary of 1.6.3 for R 4.3 (r-release), so it was good to go. The binary for x86_64 and R4.3 is still 1.6.1 so I will wait a day for that to be updated.

The RStudio CRAN mirror was recently updated (1st May). Updates are working again.

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