RStudio Update Packages UI

This is a small feature request and completely understandable if its in the parking lot for next few years! :slight_smile:

RStudio->Tools->Check for Package Updates provides a dialog box that lists out all the packages that are available for updates. In my experience, there are 5-10 packages that I know or had installed but easily another 20+ packages that I do not know of nor have knowledge of installing them hence likely core packages.

The UI also provides details on the current and new version plus option to click on the "News" icon which takes me online for the version history information of the respective package.

It would be helpful to the user to get the user-friendly title & description of the package to enable the user to make the decision on the update.

As of now, I click on the "News" icon to open the internet page and remove the "news/news.html" from the URL in my browser to access the package description.

It would be preferred if either the mouse hover on the package name provides the title+description of the package since the help files are already present locally OR, another column beside the "News" column that takes the user to the package details page online.

Thanks for your time


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