RStudio update causes R command line failure to find Pandoc, which has been moved to Quarto folder

Just an FYI to RStudio developers.

I recently updated to the latest RStudio IDE to try out Quarto (love it, by the way), but it had the side effect of killing my command line R generated flexdashboards due to no longer being able to find Pandoc in its new location in a Quarto folder. (Pandoc continued to work fine from within the RStudio IDE.)

Google searching led to a few solutions (update environment or duplicate Pandoc install), but it'd be nice if it could also be addressed from the RStudio installation / update side of things, to not unexpectedly and cryptically break things.

Would that be possible, or is it more a situation of "Pandoc comes included with RStudio, but can't be responsible for command line R Pandoc failure"?

Members of the RStudio IDE development team check this forum from time to time but the best way to catch their attention about an issue with the IDE is to formally file an issue report on the GitHub repository

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