Rstudio update, accidentally deleted R, can not be loaded after re-download

Error Loading R
An error occurred while attempting to load the selected version of R. Please select a different R installation.
Both of the files are in the same directory

Hello @yf8578 ,
There is no need to install R and RStudio in the same folder. I am not an expert in these things, but my instinct says "different program then different folders".

There is no reason to be very careful with these two programs. If you have a problem with them just remove them (via start | applications when under Windows). In the case of R its packages could also be removed (depending on the location of these) but they can be reinstalled.

If I read your post well, I think that RStudio will be okay but there will be a problem with the R installation. So start with removing R and after that do the installation again. When asked if the Windows registry should be updated, answer yes.
After that restart (close and start) RStudio and now you can indicate that you want to use the 64bit version that is the default (the one in the registry).

I hope that this works.
If not feel free to come back to us indicating which operating system you are using and which versions of R and RStudio you try to install.
(If possible use the latest versions!)

Good luck.

Are you using the latest RStudio version (2022.12.0)? If so, you might be experiencing this issue

I am also having this issue since upgrading to 2022.12.0
This issue affects anyone who is not an administrator on the machine.
Any suggestions? (Other than downgrading)

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