Rstudio tries to access parent directories where I don't have access rights and crashes

NB: This is cross posted in stackoverflow. I am getting no response despite a bounty and it was suggested i post it here

  • My Project is in a shared drive //company/me/project/
  • I have full read/write access to //company/me/
  • I have 0 access rights in //company/

Once in a while my Rstudio crashes with the following message

    Unexpected exception: rstudio_boost:filesystem::status: Access is denied: "//company

After this i can no longer open my project via Rstudio. The only workaround i have found is to delete .Rproj.user and create a new project in the same folder

Why is Rstudio trying to access //company/? Is there a configuration I can set to prevent this from happening?

I have noticed that this usually happens when theres a bug in my code or when I try to stop code that is running.

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