RStudio threading behaviour

Hi everyone,

I'm running RStudio in a cluster environment (Linux) and have a question about RStudio's threading behaviour. R itself has the number of threads limited to one by default, but RStudio appears to launch several and I haven't yet found a way to control / limit this. I have tried the following commands so far:

export OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 # in the terminal before launching
Sys.setenv(OMP_NUM_THREADS="1") # inside RStudio

And the same commands using OMP_THREAD_LIMIT instead.

None of these affect the number of threads that are running, based on what I see when running top -H -p (plus the process ID for RStudio). Is there a way to either to define the exact number of threads or to set an upper limit to these?

Many thanks,
Jesse Harrison

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