RStudio themes - console output misaligned

Hi All,
Is it a way to correct this:

I love fira code iscript font but an output in R console is a bit off (misaligned).

How to adjust it ?


This is a long shot, but are you using the latest version of Fira Code? Some users have reported alignment issues in the past that were resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of that font available.

Hi @kevinushey,
What does it mean "the latest version of Fira Code ?" What is the latest version ?
Do you mean a script font or regular font ?

Development for Fira Code is hosted at:

with different releases from:

Are you using the latest release of the Fira Code font?

Hi @kevinushey,

Yes, I am using it now. Thank you for a link. If I understand it right, I installed so called regular font (not a script font). These regular fonts are not calligraphically beautiful as script fonts, but at least, output is properly aligned now.

Thank you and best regards,

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