Rstudio theme dropdown


do you know why i don't visualize in my rstudio the Rstudio theme dropdown?? Thanks in advance

Not sure I follow what you are asking. What are you trying to do, and what is happening instead?

what i want to do is to set my Rstudio theme dark. Problem is: when i go to tools > global options > appearance . I just see the dropdown menu for Zoom, Editor font, Font size and Editor theme. From the forums i've discovered that there's also another one: "Rstudio theme" where you can choose among Modern, Sky and Classic. Well, in my Rstudio there's no "Rstudio theme" at all as i show in this screenshot

Now i don't know if it's a problem of my Rstudio version or what.

Thanks in advance

Very likely, themes is a feature since 1.2 versions

Solved dowloading the latest version. Thanks

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