Rstudio Terminal caused issue

So both RStudio server and shiny server were working good, on CentOS.

Upgraded RStudio, saw the new terminal window. I wanted to change a file permission. Hence hoped in terminal and typed.

sudo chown username -R /var/log/shiny-server

It asked for my password; I entered it.

Nothing happens. I closed RStudio server, went to Putty entered username then password.

And now the problem, putty just freezes. It throws no error, not able to type in, it just freeze.

I had changed the folder permission through putty several times, but it has stopped working since I entered the command in RStudio server terminal.

I'm unable to understand what is the problem. Could someone point me to the right direction. Where should I look, or what potential reason could be for the problem.

Note: I'm using putty from Windows 7.