Rstudio taking up all RAM memory within an hour


I’m having a lot of trouble working with Rstudio on a new PC. A couple of weeks ago, I asked here about possible solutions for windows 10, however, after further monitoring, it seems to be related to memory usage. The Rstudio application not only takes up 10-15-times more RAM when you start it (compared to other PCs), but it keeps eating up more and more of the memory when it’s on, making it slower and slower and within an hour+ it is impossible to work with.

I tried installing older versions of both R and Rstudio. The problem seems to be with Rstudio as R alone does not take up much memory.

The task manager shows that the program STARTS with about 1250 MB (“processes”) and it continuously grows while working (doing basic things with small files), until it reaches 5K-6K MB at which point it is impossible to operate. Just to compare, in my old PC the task manager shows memory usage of 100-150 MB while working (so does another PC that I checked). I am currently using:

RStudio version: 2021.09.0-351
R version: 4.1.2
Windows 10 Pro
processor intel i7, x64 bit

Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix it?

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