RStudio startup error

Hi there, I am on window 10. Every time I opens up RStudio. The following errors pops up.

I have no idea why the error message is in chinese when I installed R in English. Plus I have a vague idea of the error it is saying. I believe it is saying that it cannot find the entry point _memcpy_chk from c:\cygwin64\bin\git.exe

How can I resolve this issue ?


It seems that you are using cygwin. I am not sure whether RStudio is able to use a version of git installed on cygwin. You might want to try to install git for windows.

I did that actually. I installed git desktop and git on Ubuntu bash shell.

But somehow it is still looking at the git exe in Cygwin folder.

What should I do now ?

I am not an RStudio user, so I don't remember the exact setting names, but if you go to general settings and the tab version control (or something like that), you can give RStudio the path to git. So look for this option and enter the path of git for windows on your machine.

This issue thread seems like it should apply. Follow it for some useful tips:


@tomtombb1 is on windows 10...

yeah but it looks like his install of RStudio is not accessing git in the right location. Which is what's going on in the thread above. Albeit on a different platform.