rstudio standalone VCS gui

Is is possible to use rstudio vcs views (git or svn) without launching the full rstudio ide? Rstudio vcs gui is very good and it would be really nice to use it on non-R git (or svn) projects...

If it is: how?

If not: how hard would it be to implement it? (maybe i could create an issue on github)

I agree with you, I actually quite like the rstudio version control "Review Changes" window.

Do you use github desktop? I feel it is pretty close.

I am curious if others have suggestions.

If you are inclined to request this as a feature, here's the RStudio-IDE team's Guide for Writing Good Feature Requests.

On windows I use

which is very complete GUI

One idea: I think RStudio IDE could be used with a two pane layout for any project. Terminal on one side and Git pane on the other. I think just a .Rproj file in the folder with a .git folder after git init will allow the git pane to be recognized.

I mainly work on R code so, never tried to use RStudio that way....

I general RStudio is best with R code, but can be use as an IDE for any code project I think, just without the console.

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Thanks for the feedback. I've just created a new github issue #3000

Also, thanks for the github desktop tip :wink: Although I use mostly linux, according to this issue there are experimental builds for it

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