RStudio stalls while loading packages

I have the most recent version of RStudio, and from advice found on recent forums have installed the latest daily build. Both before and after daily build install, I've been having problems while loading packages, in which the first one or few "Loading required package..." messages shows up, but it doesn't finish loading, and basically "crashes" RStudio because nothing else will run while its waiting. I try using the stop button, and then it really crashes and reloads. It seems I'm having most of the problem while specifically trying to load the package BiodiversityR, but can't find any information on how to fix it from that end of things.

Any advice?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you also let us know what operating system you're using?

Do you see the same issue when you use R outside of RStudio, e.g. with R launched from a terminal?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply!

I'm using Windows 10, and it loads just fine with R outside of RStudio.

Can you also let us know what version of RStudio you're running with? You might also try installing the preview release, as we have a number of bug fixes available there.

It's version 1.2.234

When I tried loading the BiodiversityR package on my Windows machine, I got a popup (actually, it popped up underneath the RStudio window) requesting some packages to be installed:

Any chance that's what you're seeing? I'd also suggest using the preview release rather than the v1.2 daily builds for now, as v1.2 is under active development and somewhat less stable than our release channel.

If not, then the only other thing I might suggest is making sure all of your R packages are up-to-date, in case the issue relates to an older R package dependency.

Ok, I'll try the other version of RStudio you recommended. I have just recently updated all packages and checked they were up to date. I also uninstalled and re-installed BiodiversityR. I didn't get the same pop-up in RStudio, but I did using just R. I'll let you know shortly if the different version fixes it :slight_smile:

It worked! The 1.1.412 version fixed the problem and it loaded completely this time. I also checked that functions within the package worked as well, and all seems good to go.

Thank you!

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