RStudio Spell check issue in Portuguese

Please ask your questions about R Markdown he I am using R-Studio 2021.09.2 Build 382 in a MaOS running Monterey (12.1) . I have had some trouble running a spelling check in Brazilian Portuguese while editing a *.Rmd file.

I have already set the locale in RStudio using:

Sys.setlocale(category = "LC_ALL", locale = "pt_BR.UTF-8")
[1] "pt_BR.UTF-8/pt_BR.UTF-8/pt_BR.UTF-8/C/pt_BR.UTF-8/en_US.UTF-8"

I have also changed the language for the spell check in the preferences to Portuguese (Brazil)

But, as the image above shows:

  1. Almost every word in the text is marked as misspelled
  2. The menu suggested a word with character encoding problem

Any help is appreciated!

All the best

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