Rstudio SparkUI button unresponsive while R is busy (with a spark session)


I'm not sure if it's just me, but I commonly kick off a query through sparklyr and I'd like to see the Spark UI in order to monitor its progress. The problem becomes that once I have kicked it off in R, the Rstudio IDE basically makes this "Spark UI" button unresponsive. It's really counter-intuitive, because I don't need to be monitoring my spark session unless I am curious about the progress. It appears that if I click it, it will wait, and then after the spark job is done, it will pop open the new window.

Should I file a git request/bug somewhere for an upgrade on this feature? It seems that it should be disconnected from the current R session so that it can run when the session is busy.

Appreciate any advice! Thanks!

I think this is worth filing an issue for. Would you mind filing this as a feature request at

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A fix for this issue is available in sparklyr, to make use of this improvement install sparklyr from GitHub:



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Thanks @javierluraschi !

Also thanks to @kevinushey!

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