RStudio Solutions Engineering Office Hours

The RStudio Solutions Engineering team is offering weekly office hours at

If you have questions about R and RStudio tools in production, at scale, and in complex environments -- or if you want to help out others -- please stop by! We will respond to your new topics and messages during office hours.

Office Hours Schedule

  • Wednesdays
    • 9:00-10:00AM Eastern Standard Time.
    • 6:00-7:00 AM Pacific Time
    • 3:00-4:00 PM CEST / European Time
    • 6:30-7:30 PM IST / India Time
  • Starting Wednesday, August 22nd, we plan to start office hours with discussion topics.

What is RStudio Solutions Engineering?

At RStudio we think about data science as a process:


RStudio builds open source R-packages, open source products, and commercial products to help make each part of the process simpler.

The Solutions Engineering is dedicated to helping you understand best practices for implementing those tools into your Data Science workflow. Feel free to message us directly.

  • Nathan Stephens - Director of Solutions Engineering - @nathan
  • Cole Arendt - Solutions Engineer - @cole
  • James Blair - Solutions Engineer - @Blair09M
  • Andries de Vries - Solutions Engineer - @andrie
  • Sean Lopp - Solutions Engineer - @slopp
  • Kelly O'Briant - Solutions Engineer - @kellobri
  • Edgar Ruiz - Solutions Engineer - @edgararuiz

Why Office Hours?

The R-Admins section of is already a fairly active and healthy, but we feel offering office hours at a dedicated time and space is a nice coordination mechanism for people focused on these issues.

We are also keen to learn from you about how our open-source and commercial tools might better serve you.