RStudio slow with just under 4,000 data from respondants

Hello all, I have recently installed RStudo and am experiencing problems with slow scrolling (laggish) of viewing the variables in the data. I have read that this has been an issue but have not found a resolution for myself. Thanks!

Some system Information could be useful in helping with something like this

#### System Information:
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- RStudio Version: 
- OS Version: 
- R Version: 

#### Also:
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In addition to @EconomiCurtis question, where is the data stored? Network drive? Local drive? USB stick?

Good afternoon, some of the system information is a 64 bit HP laptop with an i5 processor and total physical memory of 5.92GB. The data is stored on my local C drive. Thank you much for any information provided.

For further clarification:

  • Are you talking about scrolling in the Data Viewer (the spreadsheet-like interface that lets you inspect a data frame)?
  • If so, horizontal scrolling or vertical scrolling? (or both?)
  • Does your data have many columns?

There is known sluggishness with very wide (= many columns) data in the Data Viewer. Improving this is an active area of development, as I understand it. Some more context here:

But I'm sorry, because I know that doesn't necessarily help you immediately if this is indeed your problem!

Hi thank you. Yes scrolling in both columns in the data view. The data does have many variables so it seems wider than what R may be able to deal with at the moment. Thanks for pointing out the discussion of an ongoing issue!