RStudio slow to run code from qmd document

I am using RStudio IDE 2023.09.1 Build 494 with R version 4.3.1 (downloaded via rig). Generally I am working in R with .qmd files.

I'm finding that any time I try to run a chunck of code there is a ~30 sec lag. The lag happens regardless of the task I am doing - loading a library, openning a file, or more intesive tasks - and regardless of how I execute the code - using Ctrl+Enter or selecting Run.

The lag doesn't occur when I'm clicking on things within R like using the help function, opening or viewing files. The lag also does not occur if I paste the code directly into the console or run code from a .R file. It only occurs when working with qmd and rmd files.

I've disabled the diagnostics systems as recommended by this post but that hasn't affected my system at all.

Hoping someone may know how I can reduce the lag or what might be causing this.


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