RStudio Slow to Display Data Frames

Running RStudio 1.2.5001 and Microsoft R Open 3.5.3 on a fairly quick desktop PC running Windows 10.

All works ok but RStudio is surprisingly slow when viewing data frames. It can be slow to create the views and particularly slow when scrolling up and down or left to right - can take 2-3 seconds to redraw everything, which is a bit of a nuisance when inspecting large data frames.

Can anyone suggest why this might be happening and if there's anything I can do to improve the draw speeds please?

Thank you

My first idea os to take a look into:

  1. what your computer is exactly doing during viewing data frames
Help Menu -> Diagnostics -> Show Log Files

Can you post the loglines in here for your last rsession-bigalxyz.log (as you viewed onto the data frame)?

  1. how the data frame is structured and sized
    Can you post the the first few lines in here?
  2. whether you're executing any Rscripts during viewing the data frames


Thank you. But...hmm...that option doesn't appear (see attached pic).Annotation%202019-10-22%20192419

  1. Dataframe is about 1 million rows and 22 columns. Mostly numbers and strings. Alas commercially sensitive data so it'd be best if I don't post here (sorry)

  2. I don't know what that means so I think the answer is probably "no"!

Also although my PC is decent (Quad core Intel i5 CPU), my graphics card is very basic. Could that cause problems?

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