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Is it possible to have the display of the current working directory also show the git branch (and it's state). For example, let's say my current working directory is /home/ben/package/foo and it is also a git repos. I have configured my linux shell to indicate, when I am in that directory, which branch is exposed and it's state. So...

ben@myserver /home/ben/package/foo [dev*]$

... tells me that the 'dev' branch is exposed and that it has changes to attend to.

Is there a way to get the path display at the top of the Console and/or Files windows in RStudio IDE to display something similar?


Hi @btupper,

The Git pane in RStudio does show the current branch.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps helpful.

I don't think this is yet possible with RStudio IDE.
However, I think you could be interested to add a :+1: in this feature request for RStudio

I don't use them myself, and they are not on CRAN yet, but there is two package I know to configure the prompt. You may use them to customize a R prompt for your need

They have the same name, so there would be conflict and it is one or the other.
hope it helps.

That feature request is spot on - thanks for the heads up.

While I like the idea of the prompt control, I am hesitant to use any extra real estate from the console. Nonetheless, I'll give it a shake.


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