Rstudio Server versions compatible with RHEL 7.9

Hello everyone. Im new to both R and this community and I'd like some help.

I would like to install Rstudio Server on my RHEL server that's version is 7.9. I only saw 8 and 9 as supported RHEL versions to download Rstudio server on, but i think there must be older versions that are supported by RHEL 7.9. Do you have any knowledge on this? Thanks in advance.

We have dropped supporting RHEL 7 due to RHEL 7 being end-of-life (We are not supporting RHEL 7 during the ELS support phase). For reference, please take a look at Platform Support - Posit

You can download the last officially released RHEL 7 compatible RStudio Server version at 2023.12.1+402.pro1

We however strongly recommend you to upgrade to a later version of RHEL as soon as possible. Using R on an operating system as old as RHEL7 tends to be rather challenging given that the compilers, OS libraries are way out of date compared to what is available upstream today.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the clear explaination. This acutally helped me, and i've just installed Rstudio Server on my Rhel7 server, thanks!

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