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Hi, we work with Open Source Rstudio Server. Now our security team asks whether the software used is supported by the manufacturer and supplied with security updates. What should I answer?

They maintain the open source version, receive and track issue reports, and regularly provide updates, which includes security updates, but strictly speaking, they only "support" their paid commercial products.

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In addition to what @andresrcs answered, you can find the release notes here (which encompass both Pro and open-source product updates). The related issue number is listed and pro-specific issues are also noted.

As mentioned, access to product support services is available with a pro purchase, described here


Thanks für the quick answers and Links. But is there maybe a news-page for security risks like p.e. log4j or must i look all releases for a solution with a new release or whether the risk isn't a problem for RStudio?

We do not have a news page specific to security, though there are some security mentions in the product release notes. For log4j in particular, we do have an article.

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