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Im currently using R on several Googlecloud servers (ubuntu 14.04), and I would like to access these servers using Rstudio Server instead of a ssh tunnel or remote desktop solution. I installed and Logged-in successfully, but unfortunately it seems to me as if I am lacking User-rights for me to be able to use Rstudio properly. (I'm signing in with a System User account that has Root access.)

I tried to find the solution in the Documentations, but couldnt find anything on creating Admin accounts with Linux-Like su rights:

Is there a way to access rstudio server with all Rights as a root user using a R terminal?

Thanks in Advance!!!

What do you mean by

? What is not working? Do you get any error message?

BTW, I am not sure if Ubuntu 14.04 is still supported, but I would try to upgrade to a more recent version even if it is. You will have trouble installing quite a few current CRAN packages with the old compilers used in Ubuntu 14.04.

My problem is for example changing working dir and editing files. I do not want to be limited to a single working Directory. If i change dir in Rstudio and try to edit the files I get this message:

Furthermore, I'm also accessing some Linux functions using the system command. Some of these calls don't work either, but i have not investigated if that was because of Rstudio server or just a missing password in my sudo command because of the new User Rstudio is running on.

Thanks for the tip. but currently all of the code is working, but its on my bucketlist anyways :slight_smile:


For the first error this is looks like standard Linux access control. Your user might be able to perform tasks as root via sudo, but that does not translate to normal operations without sudo. Normally one would create working directories within the user's HOME.

As for system using commands that require root access: You will have to use sudo there, too.

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