Rstudio-server suddenly slow

Hi, all. My rstudio-server install has always run without a hitch, but yesterday it mysteriously crashed and has been super slow (essentially unusable) since then.

Some details regarding the behavior I'm observing:

  • Commands in the console (even simple ones) and in R markdown files run super slowly, sometimes causing RStudio to crash.
  • Previously loaded variables take a long time to reload if I stop the server and restart it.
  • Behavior started soon after I accidentally read an extremely long string into a variable.

What I've tried so far to fix and/or diagnose:

  • Restarting my machine.
  • Restarting rstudio-server.
  • Updating rstudio-server, following the advice here.
  • Toggling off 'Show diagnostics for R' as suggested here.
  • Checking CPU use for all processes when rstudio-server is attempting to run code -- all processes were using 0 or very little CPU.

What I'm running:

  • rstudio-server version 2021.09.2+382 (Ghost Orchid) for Ubuntu Bionic
  • Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
  • Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H1

Any advice on how to diagnose and debug greatly appreciated.

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