[RStudio Server] Stay in current directory when access is denied

Hi, when I tried to go to a folder that I don't have access to, RStudio provides me a message telling me I don't have access to that folder (good) and then directs me back to my home directory. I'm wondering if it's possible to let it stay at current folder instead of going back to the home folder.

For example, I mounted some folders on the network drive at my workplace under the /media folder. After I go to /media and click any folder that I don't have access to, I will be directed back to ~ and I need to go to /media manually again. Is it possible to stay at /media when access is denied? Thanks!

See if I can get any new attentions.

Perhaps file this is a feature request in the issue tracker (the IDE repo deals with both Desktop and Server, just identify which in the issue template).