Rstudio Server slow when viewing dataframe

I am currently testing an Rstudio Server Installation and access the interface through Chrome on my local machine.

When I open a large data frame in "View", the system becomes very laggy, even if the View is just open (and I am not scrolling through the data frame).

I have noticed that this seems to be related to the CPU usage of the (local) browser.

Is this something other users have noticed?

The support article Using the data viewer has some information how the object gets rendered.

Specifically, View() uses the DataTables library from JavaScript.

Although the number of rows and columns that you can View() is limited (e.g. 100 columns and only a subset of rows at a time), that data is still transferred to your local browser. This is why you observe that the local CPU or GPU usage increases.

The docs recommend:

Finally, while we’ve made every effort to keep things speedy, very large amounts of data may cause sluggishness, especially when a sort or filter is applied, as this requires R to fully scan the frame. If you’re working with large frames, try applying filters to reduce it to the subset you’re interested in to improve performance.