rstudio server setup and remote access

Hello everyone,

I installed rstudio server and don't know how to connect remotely.

  1. I installed WSL and Ubuntu
  2. I intsalled r studio server and it runs locally (I can access it via http://localhost:8787/)
  3. I need to connect to it remotely
  4. Also, my PC is connected via wi-fi. So, what should I do?

Should I first create port forwarding in my router? Say, some port to 8787? What is next? Create SSH?

Newbie here.

You have to:

  • configure the network on the Windows computer (the one with RStudio) - at least open the port in the firewall; check this using another computer/laptop on the local network using a web browser (a.b.c.d:8787, where a.b.c.d is your local IP address).
  • configure router - your laptop should have fixed IP addresses so set up DHCP and then set up port forwarding.

SSH is a nice idea (much more secure) but a bit more complicated.

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