RStudio Server second session is super slow when first session is working

Hi everyone,

I don't have a reproducible example :expressionless: , just a generic question.

Whenever I have an Rstudio session "working" (example: training a model or knitting a large rmarkdown), I would like to open a second session to work on something else. That's the whole point of the server, right?

... but I can't do it. Trying to "file -- open new project" in a new session results in a loading screen that runs forever. I also tried to visit https://myserver:8787/ , but that web page is not responding.

Other users of the server can work fine, I am just unable to create a second session for myself.

Any idea?

This sounds like your server is resource constrained. You can check that using the admin dashboard or top on the CLI.

BTW, if you are able to put your big task into an R script, you could start that as a background job via the Jobs tab.

Hi thanks for replying!

That's a good hypothesis, but this will happen while using a couple out of the 32 cores and 20 GB out of 256GB or RAM. It's really that I can't do anything in the second session if the first one is running 100% of even 1 CPU.

I wasnt aware of the jobs tab, but I typically just start the model fitting from the CLI so that I can keep working in my rstudio session.


Interesting. Are you using RStudio Workbench (f.k.a. RStudio Server Pro) or the RStudio Server community edition?

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