RStudio server running with X forwarding?

We have RStudio Server running in our infrastructure. We connect to the default port it is being forwarded to with a web browser. I'm unable to open X11 related graphics devices. Is it RStudio Server configuration or server-side configuration which which enable X forwarding through the connected session? For example, when running quartz() in the console I receive the following error:
quartz() Warning message: In quartz() : Quartz device is not available on this platform

And when running xclock in the Terminal emulator I receive the following error:
Error: Can't open display: :0

Any guidance would helpful, I'm working with our IT techs to get this issue ironed out.

What is the output of:


on your platform? Note that R needs to be compiled with access to the requisite libraries -- may be relevant.

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Ahh, X11 reads FALSE.


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