Rstudio-server repo Pull with 2 factor auth

I have an open source version of Rstudio-server on port 8787. My project is linked to git and all was working fine.

I recently updated my github account to two factor authentication. My local Rstrudio still authorizes fine, but I can no longer get Rstudio on port 8787 to pull the rrepo from git since moving to 2 factor auth on my account.

I believe I am supposed to use my login and token instead of a login and password, but don't know what token or where.

Here is the answer to my own question. I simply pull my repo in Rstudio using SSH keys instead of HTTPS.

Add the keys using these instructions.

After adding the new key to my github account, on RStudio, from the console I had to change the orgin as it talked about under the troubleshooting section of HappyGitwithR and this link.

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I agree that using SSH keys is the preferred solution here.

One alternative is using a GitHub Personal Access Token (PAT) as described here.

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