Rstudio server pro (trial) running on VM

I installed a pro-trial version of Rstudio server on the VM.
As a result, the license expiration message is being printed out.
When checking the var/log/message, the following message was output.

May 18 11:05:13 SkI-bipapp1 license - manager [6682] : ERROR Error logging a trial : (17)
Licensing failed because this program is running inside a virtual machine.
Evaluation inside a virtual machine requires either access or an offline evaluation key.
Please contact RStudio customer support to cover or activate on this virtual machine ;
LO GGED FROM : int inttudio::activation:ActivationContext:reportError
(const std::string &, HRESULT) / rootshtudio-protocmsserveractivationContext 92.

What should I do?

To start an RStudio Pro trial in a virtual machine, you need to use the begin-evaluation-request command as follows:

$ rstudio-server license-manager begin-evaluation-request

This will emit some XML, which you should send to to start your trial. More info in the Admin Guide here:

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Thank you for replying.

Support team supported the solution to the virtual machine licensing issue.

Have a nice day.

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