RStudio Server Pro Standard for AWS Vs RStudio Server Pro Standard for On-Prem

We are thinking of evaluating RStudio Pro for our R and Pytho developers. I came across this link [RStudio Pro for AWS] and there is RStudio for On-Prem. From a features perspective as per this link , there is no difference. But I had two questions:

  1. The version for AWS is still 1.21 and for On-Prem is 1.25. Why is the AWS version still old?
  2. We are also looking to leverage Kubernetes to scale out. I have gone through this link, but the question will Rstudio automatically scale out (Spawn new Kubernetes/docker containers) on the fly based on the resource usage. Or If there is a manual step involved. Any document regarding this would definitely help.

Thank you

Thanks for your interest in RStudio pro products!

Answers to your questions below:

  1. Product versions and installation targets - There is some lag time between when the latest versions of our installers are released and when our various cloud marketplace offerings get tested and updated.

    You can review the different methods of installing our products at The manual installation methods that use RPM/DEB packages will always use the latest installer so that you can install manually in the cloud or on-prem.

  2. Using Launcher with an autoscaling Kubernetes cluster - The functionality for RStudio Server Pro (RSP) and Launcher to work with Kubernetes is described here:

    RSP and Launcher will point to an existing Kubernetes cluster that you administer, and that cluster can be optionally configured for autoscaling, which would then allow the Kubernetes cluster to autoscale based on R/Python sessions being started from RSP. The autoscaling configuration would be done outside of the scope of RSP.

    The following AWS documentation provides details on configuring the cluster autoscaler with EKS if you choose to configure that:

@koverholt, thank you so much.

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