RStudio Server Pro on RHEL8 with SELinux

This is not an answer, but some of the advice at SELinux errors with RStudio Server and RStudio Server does not work with SELinux might be relevant.

In addition, you can try:

  1. Turn on SELinux in permissive mode, which will disable SELinux but log all failures/warnings
  2. Use the logged failures/warnings to set the appropriate SELinux contexts where needed (RStudio product binaries or other relevant paths). This includes sudo chcon for setting SELinux attributes/contexts or ls -Z for checking SELinux attributes
  3. This is not 100% foolproof, since it will just test the basic product functionality, but some later action could trigger something that was not whitelisted. A good reason to leave SELinux in permissive mode in case another issue comes up in the future, and you can repeat Step 2.