RStudio Server (open source) login issue

I just finished installing RStudio on Red Hat Linux server. It seems the installation was successful and I able to launch the RStudio IDE through URL http://<host_name>:8787. However, whenever, I am trying to log into the server using the user id and password using which I installed the RStudio it throws a message on the login page stating "Error: Incorrect or invalid username/password". I am pretty sure I am providing the correct user id and password as I am using the same user id password to lot into the Linux server as well.
Can someone help resolve this issue?

RStudio is using a PAM profile to check user/password, by default. You can debug a bit by checking which PAM profile you are using, comparing it to the login profile or whatever is in place for ssh.


If you feel comfortable sharing those files / information, that might be helpful to those of us who might be able to help! If you are using RStudio Server Pro, you can also reach out to for more confidential support, if that is preferable as well!

The other thing you could do is add a test user/pass (make sure you create the Home directory!) just to test with. Another common thing I do is use su myuser as a non-privileged user to test prompting for a password and use the su profile, which is commonly configured on the system.

One final idea to debug - RStudio Server Pro includes a pamtester utility that you can use for debugging PAM configuration:


Hi Cole,
Thank you for your response. I guess I failed to mention I installed RStudio Server (Open source) version. Do you think the same tips would work for open source version?
Also I am new to RStudio so can you please tell me which files you wanted me to share and where can I usually find them?


Hi Cole,
Thank you for your response. I was able to resolve the issue by running this command.
sudo cp /etc/pam.d/login /etc/pam.d/rstudio
Thank you again for your help.

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So glad your issue was resolved!

Just for future reference if others run into this issue, the same tips should work for debugging in RStudio Server Open Source, but I think that the pamtester utility may not be bundled with RStudio Server Open Source and would need to be downloaded directly.

Can you please also tell, how and from where one can download "pamtester" utility?

Great call :smiley:

Download and install directions are here:

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