RStudio Server Open Source Git Pane not loading properly


I've got a project where the Git pane does not display anything and doing a "Reload" returns an error:

However, when I switch to a different project, I see the normal:

The version of RStudio Server Open Source is: v1.1.456

I would like to avoid restarting the entire server, as it is also our Shiny Server Pro server used in Production.

I have restarted the "rstudio-server" service to no avail.
I actually had to manually kill about 50 ghost PIDs when "rstudio-server" would not start back up. Once those ghost PIDs were killed, then I could restart "restudio-server".

For the project that has the problem, when I use the Terminal, the git project loads properly and I can use command line tools to execute git commands. But I don't understand why my git pane is not showing properly.

I wonder if anyone has come across this and has a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Your version of RStudio Server is very old! I'd suggest updating to a more recent release as a first step.

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