Rstudio-server only authenticating one user


I am having trouble logging in to Rstudio-server using newly created system users. My original user ("user1") still works, but attempted login with "user2" results in the following error:

"Rstudio initialization error. Error occurred during transmission."

My info:
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.3
Rstudio-server version: 1.1.453

I would like to have multiple users so that I can run several jobs concurrently. So I copied my home directory for "user1" into the home directory for the newly created "user2". I deleted everything in the ~/.rstudio/sessions/active directory. I also deleted the .Rhistory file in my working directory.

/etc/pam.d/other file contains only the default information:

@include common-auth
@include common-account
@include common-password
@include common-session

and here is the relevant user information from my /etc/passwd file:


Any/all help appreciated. Thank you!

Solved it eventually.

The issue was with following the directions on this site to add a user:

Following the "adduser" instructions did not work. However, following the "useradd" method did. Phew!

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