Rstudio Server not working for only one user

Hello I am an admin of an rstudio-server, I was asked to create a new account today everything seemed to work fine but this new user can't use Rstudio inside the server. He logs in normally but when selecting new session and using Rstudio as editor the session wont start it will just load forever.

Looking the logs I could find only two error messages repeatedly.

[rserver-monitor] ERROR 2023-11-26T19:13:29.919933Z [rserver] ERROR launcher_client error 3 (Requested object was not found) [description: Job Launcher returned no port for job id U2x1cm06MzE1MzA=]
OCCURRED AT rstudio::job_launcher::client::LauncherClient::getJobSessionEndpoints(const string&, const string&, const regex&, const GetSessionEndpointsCompletionHandler&, const ErrorHandler&)::<lambda(const std::vector<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char> >&)>::<lambda(const string&, bool)> src/cpp/server/job_launcher/LauncherClient.cpp:309; LOGGED FROM: rstudio::server::workspaces::{anonymous}::handleEventFromWorkspaces(const rstudio::core::DistributedEvent&)::<lambda(const rstudio::core::Error&)> src/cpp/server/workspaces/Workspaces.cpp:207|||


[rserver-monitor] WARNING 2023-11-26T17:51:40.370973Z [rworkspaces-newuser] WARNING No elements removed in statusUpdate: {
"username": "newuser",
"sessionId": "ed8cbdb7",
"status": "failed",
"statusMessage": "Error response retrieving endpoints"
} numInProgress: 1
LOGGED FROM: void rstudio::session::workspaces::api::applySessionStatusUpdate(rstudio::server_core::sessions::SessionStatusUpdate&) src/cpp/session/workspaces/WorkspacesApi.cpp:1972|||

I've been hours troubleshooting looking in other logs and also testing the slurm workload manager but nothing seems to works, I also tried disabling selinux and checked the firewall. This only happens to this new user and only using Rstudio as editor Jupyter works well. Any help is appreciated

Is the user logging in from a client remotely (I.e., different box than the server host)?

Ok I got the solution after some work.

So it seems although I had slurm configured to run jobs on ports 6000 to 6100 that only applies to srun and not to sbatch which I think Rstudio Server uses. So once I opened the firewall completely for the nodes everything started working correctly. And by the way I thought it only happened to this new user but it started happening to everyone.

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