RStudio Server: Non-Root Install/Run/Authenticate

Hello all,
I work for an HPC facility and it would be extremely useful to have a way for unprivileged users to launch their own version of RStudio Server. We currently have a centralized RStudio server running, however it is frequently abused and misunderstood.

I read this and it seems to layout what I would expect:

Regardless, some of our users are intimidated by the command line so it would be great to have a way for them to run RStudio Server from a Slurm job. Currently we support JupyterLabs running from within a job, which works great. I am just curious if we can get this working for RStudio as well, since some people are already use to it's interface.

It seems as though compiling as a non-root user would work, however I just downloaded the CentOS RPM from the Rstudio website and unpacked it and did a sed through all the files to replace the '/usr/lib/rstudio-server' with the path where I unpacked the RPM.

This does seems to function, as a non-root user I can launch RStudio.
In order to do this, I borrowed some wrapper scripts from here:
GitHub - grst/rstudio-server-conda: Run Rstudio Server in a conda environment

For all those other topics regarding non-root user installs and running of RStudio Server, IT CAN BE DONE :smile:

My only question now is how to authentication.
Is it possible to run RStudio server as a non-root user, but still be able to authenticate against the user that started the processes?
Or, possible just append a random UUID to the end of the URL so that we can have a basic sense of security between users.


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