RStudio Server Network Files


I am trying to figure out how to access a network folder in R Studio Server. In Linux, I can mount the directory using smb:// and the files show up but I am not sure how to access those files in the program itself. Obviously I can copy and paste files but it would be nice to be able to open and save directly.

Any advice? Sorry, hopefully that makes sense.


If I understand your question correctly, you can use Files > Open file and then type in the linux path in the box. Typing / should take you to the root directory. I wanted to post a screenshot, but I didn't see any option to do so.

It only shows me the desktop, docs, downloads, music, pics, public, r, templates, thinclient_drives and videos. It doesn't show the network attached folders, I tried entering it with the ... but it wouldn't let me manually add it that way.

So if there is a network folder on a windows server, I can get to it via smb://server/share but I can't get access to the folders in the program itself. Is that part of that pam shared folders feature on the paid? Any way to see a network folder from the free version?

Does the rstudio user have read permission to the folders you are trying to access? I doubt that a free version of pam would have such a limit, but I haven't really used pam.

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