RStudio Server more user friendly than RStudio.Cloud

I am currently travelling and forced to using portable RStudio via my smartphone :iphone:. I noticed that doesn't have below functions compare to RStudio server.

  • GitHub project
  • Unable copy and paste codes in console
  • The IDE not allow scroll or zooming
  • Unable upload files from local driver

Thanks for the feedback!

RStudio Cloud is an alpha project and we're still working as adding features. We will be adding support for Git projects in the near future.

I should also mention that running booth RStudio Server and RStudio Cloud is not supported on mobile.

Thanks for reply.

May I know how about using tablet? Android tablet is mobile OS as well but how about windows tablet since windows 10 supports both mobile and pc.

In theory a windows tablet should work, although I don't think we have one to try it out on.

That being said, we have gotten a few requests to make it possible to use the IDE from an iPad for example, and my understanding is that with some of the upcoming work on the IDE, that should be supportable.