Rstudio server - Importing data


I'm new to rstudio server. I want to know if it's possible to pull data from another server in Rstudio server. I could only find an option to upload files but I couldn't locate the files on my computer or locate other servers I'm connected to.

If I have to do a processing for 10Tb of data. Which is the best option to pull data or how do I locate the data?


Can you share any information about the server you'd like to connect to?

This resource on database connections using ODBC might have what you need.

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The server is a mapped drive that I have access to. Rstudio server and this mapped drive resides in the same local network. If you need any specific information on the server, please let me know.

I would have to know a good bit about the server, but you'd be better off checking out that resource since that's just what I'd do with that information.

If you get stuck, please post what you've tried. Database connections can be tricky, and I think others would learn from your experience.

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