Rstudio server Free version

trying to use Rstudio-Server free version in Linux RHEL 8. Ad account user able to authenticate but I get this following error.

I do see it creates home directory but not sure what is the issue. Any suggestions?
Screenshot 2022-10-28 102302

I am still having issue with the RSTUDIO Server IDE free version. I see now RPC issue. not sure what is the cause of it

2022-11-14T21:55:54.143175Z [rserver] DEBUG Getting user from database: aullah
2022-11-14T21:55:54.144071Z [rserver] DEBUG Getting user from database: aullah
2022-11-14T21:55:54.144698Z [rserver] DEBUG Refreshing auth: replacing old cookie: aullah|Mon%2C%2014%20Nov%202022%2022%3A43%3A25%20GMT|U4va01evv8Zb3bvO%2FPOqBr1tAL9ca8E89TsGpK0jnL4%3D
2022-11-14T21:55:54.145194Z [rserver] DEBUG Getting user from database: aullah
2022-11-14T21:55:54.145858Z [rserver] DEBUG Adding session cookie: aullah|Mon%2C%2014%20Nov%202022%2022%3A55%3A54%20GMT|TC0LFkEyrqeqWSylgMQG%2BtKEIAEyJ2VCDevmCYjZkCc%3D for user: aullah
2022-11-14T21:55:54.146176Z [rserver] DEBUG - Start server proxy request POST /rpc/client_init user: aullah for local stream: /var/run/rstudio-server/rstudio-rsession/aullah-d
2022-11-14T21:55:54.146493Z [rserver] DEBUG Launching session for user: aullah id:
2022-11-14T21:55:54.149076Z [rserver] DEBUG Launched session process for user: aullah: /usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/rsession pid: 229495
2022-11-14T21:56:04.160711Z [rserver] DEBUG Removed pending launch for: aullah id:
2022-11-14T21:56:04.160896Z [rserver] DEBUG -- rpc error: connection unavailable for: /rpc/client_init error: system error 2 (No such file or directory)

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