RStudio Server Error - Cannot Connect to R Session


I am trying to install R and RStudio Server on a server running RHEL 8 and I finally got the RStudio Server service to run, I can get to the login page but afterwards, I get this error:

Cannot Connect to R Session
Could not connect to the R session on RStudio Server.
Unable to connect to Service(1).

I am brand new to Linux, I was asked to get it installed for a small test project but it seems like every so often something else isn't working. Initially the RStudio server process wasn't running but it was because the config file was not modified, i modified it and got to this point, haven't found much more info on this specific issue.


Just to eliminate the obvious, R, the programming language is installed and executable by the OS user under which the RStudio process is running?

It is installed, I’m not sure how to check if r is running and how to get it running. I know the commands for rstudio server but I must have not googled well. Can you tell me how?

To confirm R is installed and available, open a terminal on the server as a non-root user and enter R, and you should get a screen with 20 or so lines of text, followed by a prompt >

If you continue getting stuck on setup, give some thought to a hosted solution, especially since the project is a pilot. New to Linux can be a stretch at the same time as new to RServerand maybe R, RStudio and Shiny at the same time. All the stuff under-the-hood is potentially fun, and long-run good-to-know, but no one who hasn’t done it themselves will actually see how praise-worthy that is. It lacks the wow factor.

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