RStudio Server: Encrypt Password Used For Database DSN?


We are setting up RStudio Server Pro on a RHEL 7 server. We want to allow users of the browser based RStudio IDE to connect to our Oracle database, but all queries executed against this Oracle database should be run against a service account.

After reading the article below, I'm wondering if there is a way to encrypt the password within the odbc.ini? If anyone could please clarify this for me, before I ask our RHEL Administrator to set this up.


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HI @Stuart, maybe this article can help to delineate your options:

Thanks for replying Edgar, so using Keyring would be the only way to avoid having a file on the server containing the password in clear text, or telling all of the RStudio IDE users the service account password?

Well, if you setup a DSN that contains the credentials you just have to give them the DSN name (alias). But yes, if they navigate the server's file system they could find out the user id and password.