RStudio Server Disable or Speed Up Viewer

I'm running an RStudio Server (v 1.2.1335) for my undergraduate research methods class on DigitalOcean (Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS operating system, R version 3.5.3). I've noticed that the View() function tends to slow RStudio to a crawl for anyone using RStudio through the server, with the problem getting worse for larger data files. Is there any way to speed up, or failing that to disable, the Viewer? This is especially problematic because the Import Dataset command automatically opens a Viewer window and slows things down considerably.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to disable the data viewer.

How many students do you have using RStudio at one time? Is there any other information about how you've deployed RStudio Server that might be useful in diagnosing / understanding this?

Hi Kevin,

What additional information would be helpful for you?

Here's what I can tell you now: the View() function slowed responsiveness even when there are few students simultaneously using the server, but if 20 or so students simultaneously tried to use View() the server would sometimes need a reboot. The classes typically have a maximum of 25 students, so typically at most 25 students would be accessing the server at one time.

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