rstudio server behind ingress proxy, missing cookie info

i am using the latest version of rstudio server 2022, it working fine locally, but soon as i put it behind the proxy, it keeps redirecting on its self. if you look at the beginning of the cookie that is sent back, its missing the server-user name. i am adding a path to the proxy.

/usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/rserver --auth-none=1 --server-user=myuserid

2022-04-18T19:46:38.895344Z [rserver] DEBUG Request for main page with no user-identifier - redirecting to login page: /
2022-04-18T19:46:39.205589Z [rserver] WARNING Invalid secure cookie (wrong number of fields): |Mon%2C%2018%20Apr%202022%2020%3A46%3A39%20GMT|zxMDi9pnN5qn%2Bt0QzCQ2VzblM01x55tbF6SoJWNH7zY%3D; LOGGED FROM: std::__cxx11::string rstudio::core::http::secure_cookie::readSecureCookie(const string&) src/cpp/server_core/http/SecureCookie.cpp:173

when not behing the ingress proxy its something like myuserid|Mon%2C%2018%20Apr%202022%2019%3A31%3A14%20GMT|PV1mqA07Mr2mWVutTV2lROfaO9An5s%2BJvlAU%2FzZlX2U%3D

i have looked at adding X-RStudio-Request and X-RStudio-Root-Path, but not sure if barking down wrong tree.

any help would be great thanks

I figured it out. I need to set export USER=
Doing this added the userid to the cookie.

Oddly didn't need to set locally

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