RStudio Server and OpenSSL on Armbian/Rock64

I am trying to build RStudio Server from source under Armbian "Buster" running on a Rock64 (64-bit ARM architecture). Armbian comes with OpenSSL Version 1.1, whereas the latest version of RStudio Server (1.2.1335) depends on Version 1.0. The script "dependencies/linux/install-dependencies-debian" explicitly says that the source is not yet compatible with OpenSSL 1.1 or above.

I am wondering whether there will be an upgrade to RStudio Server so that I can use the up-to-date OpenSSL library instead.

(Historical remark: I have successfully built and used RStudio Server 1.1.463 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS running on the same Rock64. But the time has come to upgrade the OS / switch to another one...)

Thanks, Laryx

We do build RStudio against OpenSSL 1.1; for example, with Ubuntu Bionic (using libssl-dev there). See:

for the Dockerfile we use when building there.

I think the install-dependencies-debian script may just out of date.

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